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Eden Mosaic Tile

RMA Request Form

Welcome to the Eden Mosaic Tile RMA Return Request System. Here you can fill out the required information to return or exchange your Eden Mosaic Tile product.

Please CAREFULLY read through the entire form before submitting your information, the submission of misinformation or a submission that does not adhere to company policies will be denied.

If you would like to return a product(s) you purchased less than 30 days ago and exchange it for a different product(s), a restocking fee will still apply. In this case, choose RMA Option 1, and then once the RMA is approved, place the order for the new item(s) online.

Please choose the option that best describes your request:
RMA Option 1 - Return For Refund With 15% Restocking Fee
  I purchased my Eden Mosaic Tile product less than 30 days ago and I would like to return it for a refund less the 15% restocking fee and shipping as indicated by the terms and conditions of sale.
RMA Option 2 - Warranty Repair/Replacement - Same Item(s) - Send Product Back First
  I would like to send my Eden Mosaic Tile product back for warranty repair or exchange for the same item. I will send you the product first at my shipping expense, and once repaired or replaced, Eden Mosaic Tile will send it back at their shipping expense.
RMA Option 3 - Warranty Repair/Replacement - Same Item(s) - Pay In Advance
  I would like Eden Mosaic Tile to send me the same item in exchange for my defective product. I would like Eden Mosaic Tile to send the product out to me first which I will pay for, and then I will send my defective product back within 30 days for a full refund.
Please enter your contact and invoice information:
Street Address:
State / Province / Region:
Zip / Postal Code:
E-Mail Address:
Phone Number:
Date Of Purchase:
Invoice #:
Please select which items you are returning / exchanging and describe why:
Item 1: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Item 2: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Item 3: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Item 4: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Item 5: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Item 6: Part Number: Quantity: Reason For Return:


Credit Card Information:

If you have chosen "RMA Option 1" or "RMA Option 3" we need your credit card information. For RMA Option 1 this should be the original credit card that the purchase was done under, and where the refund will be applied. For RMA Option 3 we need a credit card to bill for the replacement items, this card will then be credited for the same amount when the defective items are received from you within 30 days.

If you did not use a credit card for the original transaction simply leave this section blank, submit this form and contact us to discuss how payment will be refunded.

Name On Credit Card:
Card Number: (Visa, Master Card or American Express)
Card Expiry Date:
Card Security Code: (Found on the back of the card)


By submitting this form, you agree that all information provided is correct and that you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed here.

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